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Research Projects

  • Competitive program (2020-2022): Social Impact Measurement Plan, Learning and Empowerment S.I.M.P.L.E. - KA2 STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP PROJECT (n° 2020-1-IT01-KA202-008523). Funding: Erasmus+. Partners: ISRE (project coordinator) - Italy, PRISM - Italy, Panteion University – Greece, PIMEC - Spain, CCIB - Spain, GZS CPU – Slovenia, KAUZI – Bulgaria.
  • European Network: Spatial Reconfigurations of Work in Cities. Funding: Urban Studies Foundation (USF) 2017-2018. Partners: University of Southampton, University of Portsmouth, University of Patras (in conjunction with National Hellenic Research Foundation).
  • Competitive program (2015-2017): Participatory Action Research to address Un/Under employment at the local level - Local production structures, Entrepreneurship and Labour Surplus. Funding: General Secretariat for Research and Innovation 2009-2014 (EEA-GR07/3694). Partners: University of Peloponnese, University of the Aegean, Institute of Small Enterprises, Work Research Institute, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.
  • Competitive program (2012-2014): Migrant Language and Social Integration (MINGLE). Funding: EE (ref. 527834 - Lifelong Learning Programme – 1 - 2012 – 1 - GR – GRUNDVIG - GMP). Partners: EXUS S.A., NGO KMOP, Anziani e non solo Soc. Coop. (ANS), Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI), University of Peloponnese.