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Agri-Food Business Laboratory

The Laboratory
The Agri-Food Business Management Lab started operating institutionally in 2003. Its mission is to investigate the complex issues of modern entrepreneurship and the factors that shape it with a focus on the food sector. To this end, the laboratory conducts research covering issues of food business sector as well as of all sectors in general, such as:
  • Marketing management in Agri Food Business sector
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing and sustainable development
  • Food Loss and Waste
  • Competition strategy and business performance
  • Degree of extroversion of businesses, cooperatives and producer groups
  • Entrepreneurial motivations / goals and practices
  • Support and development factors of entrepreneurs
  • Business innovation and competitiveness
  • Total quality management and business excellence
  • Quality management systems - quality improvement tools and techniques
  • Clusters and regional/local economy
  • Business employment practices and human resource management
  • Business intelligence systems
  • Application of intelligent information systems in resource optimization, business process improvement and dynamic business system modeling
  • Continuing professional education and training in organizations and companies
  • Investigation of training needs, development and upgrading of skills of human resources
  • Design, implementation and application of computational intelligence algorithms
  • Design, implementation and application of intelligent Algorithms
In this context, the laboratory is active in related research fields and funded projects- national, European and international- where doctoral, postdoctoral research as well as postgraduate and undergraduate theses are conducted. The laboratory supports actively the students of the MBA in Food Business Management who conduct research in the context of their postgraduate theses in order to receive their degree.