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Research Laboratory

of Agri-Food Business

The Lab

Dept. of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Business

University of Patras, Greece


Food Loss & Waste

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Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Business

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of Agri-Food Business Laboratory


Agri-Food Business Laboratory

The Lab

The Lab

The Agri-Food Business Management Lab started operating institutionally in 2003. Its mission is to investigate the complex issues of modern entrepreneurship and the factors that shape it with a focus on the food sector. To this end, the laboratory conducts research covering issues of food business sector as well as of all sectors in general, such as:

Το Ερρευνητικό Εργαστήριο

Food Loss & Waste

Food waste refers to the decrease in the quantity or quality of food resulting from decisions and actions by retailers, food service providers and consumers (SOFA, 2019).  Food loss and food waste (FLW) occurs at all stages of the food supply chain (FSC): in agricultural production, after harvest and storage, processing, distribution and consumption. According to research results the largest proportion of food waste in developed countries takes place in the level of distribution (retailers) and final consumption (caterers, restaurants, households). The International Food and Agriculture Organization (2011) reported that worldwide one third (1/3) of the food which is produced for human consumption is lost and wasted, amounting to 1.2 billion tons annually.